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The Bunny Chronicles' Journal
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Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
11:07 am
[june 2008] blackout in the city

In June 2008, just when school was starting up, there was a long period of on and off blackouts. Some were an hour or two long, some lasted days. I read a lot by candlelight and took these one night while I was bored, after I figured out the timer on my camera.

june 25, 2008; dinner by candlelight.Collapse )

10:58 am
[20080907] relief and medical mission; lanao del norte.

Last Sunday, September 7, 2008, a group of La Sallians, Medical workers and NGO workers went to Lanao del Norte to offer relief and aid. I went with them with four of my students to lend a hand and document the day.

september 7, 2008; kulasihan, kolambugan, lanao del norteCollapse )

Thursday, January 17th, 2008
10:30 am
20080117 - the coming of the flood!!
There is something wrong with the GLOBE celphone network and since they also service my wireless, I can't get online. Apparently, it is nationwide but since my celphone isn't GLOBE (har har--*SMART user*), I've been ok. It's just the rest of my family uses GLOBE so I can't reach them.

It's probably because the rain is just awful. Last night, I couldn't get online so I read comics and listened to Flight of the Conchords and the rain. But when I woke up, this is what I saw:

pictures under the cut.Collapse )

The flood was just nasty and I had to wade through it, wearing shorts, to get to school. I hope that by the end of the day it subsides because I don't want to wade through it going home. I can't see the ground and I live across the street from the campus (I live behind the school).

I wish I'd taken a picture of the ducks that were swimming around quite happily in it but I was already dead late. The rain has been pretty bad for the last 2 weeks, it's on and off as Ozamiz isn't on the typhoon belt. The rain can get pretty bad but not bad enough that classes will be called off (darn).

This is actually the second instance where I had to wade through the flood to get to school. The first time, though, the water was only mid-calf deep; this time, it was knee-deep and rather nervewracking, because you can't see the ground and since I live on a ranch, you don't want to get a garden spike accidentally stuck though your foot.

Compared to yesterday, though, I'm wide awake. This week just flew by. And then on Sunday, it's another McMuffin Reward Day!!!! More on what that is later.

Oh, and in relation to the last post on this blog, my article was posted on the De La Salle Philippines Website. It is the longer version with more pictures.

Current Mood: awake
Friday, January 11th, 2008
2:05 am
20080110 - Manila Bulletin article
Happy New Year, everyone!!!

My number one resolution is to be more dedicated to posting here. I'll be backlogging a lot of stuff with pictures and then I will make post to link to everything chronologically.

But here is something I'm proud of. My first article in a national newspaper! I've written for local papers and school papers but this is a wider scale. I don't know how many people will read it but it's definitely a good step on the path of what I'd like to do in the future. So I'm very happy!

Scan of clipping.Collapse )

The article that was printed was edited for length. Read the full article under the cut.

Within my Means by Bunny Luz
January 8, 2008, Manila Bulletin.

I graduated from DLSU-Manila in December of 2006. My friends comprise a group that is intellectually-inclined, artsy and well-read; we are really from the crowd who drinks too much coffee and over interprets even the most well-meaning of philosophies.

So, how in the world did I end up in Mindanao?

Read more.Collapse )


Current Mood: awake

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
8:25 am
Tales of Burning Youth # 1

Adventures at work and during travel, classroom tales, random stories. © bun 2007

I promise to update more often and also post some backlogged stuff to fill in the gaps!

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, August 30th, 2007
8:55 pm
before september comes
I've been planning to catch up here for a while but work caught up with me. To make it short here is what happened in the last couple months (I cannot believe all this has happened!):

- I went to Dipolog which about 3 hours where I live to give a seminar workshop on Writing for Journalism to some high schoolers, some of whom were really talented but are completely untapped, talent-wise. The school was very creepy because it was a private school designed to look like my university (part of the La Salle system) -- I'm not even kidding.

I was paid in sardines!! I'm not kidding about that either!

- I suffered through July when they deducted TWO months of rent from my salary instead of just one. That was rough. I had to scrimp on food and on top of that, my net was cut for a while!

- In the first week of August, a group of supervisors for the PAASCU came over to observe how things were going on at school. Everyone was tense for 2-3 days and it was really nervewracking. Especially to a new teacher?? Of course it would be. It was hard on the kids too because they were all worried about not being able to speak English properly. Well, they did their best. :) I also did great personally during the grilling of faculty part haha...

- Finally! August ends with the culmination of Linggo ng Wika or Language Month, with concentration on Filipino language! Tomorrow there is no class but the classes will arrange their classrooms, decorate them and there will be a big fiesta (YES LEFTOVERS FOR ME HAHA)

But here are a couple of pictures for you! We teachers at our ghetto school have to handwrite all our report cards :D Trust me, it's a big fiasco when you make a mistake. I didn't make any though; my 9 cups of coffee made me very alert.

Here's the proof. Blank cards (though not so blank by the time this is posted!)

Obligatory mugshot...HHAHAH PUN.

I promise to update better soon. I do have stories to tell! August issue of the newspaper is out also and the Integrated school one should also be put out in September! I'm still busy as ever. Well, one can rest when one is dead. ;D

There was a surprise downpour today. It was great. Rain everywhere!

Next week is midterm exams. Sheesh, it never ends. ;9

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, June 16th, 2007
7:00 pm
I am Tingog.

Tingog (TING-AWGH) is Bisaya(n dialect, one of thousands in the Filipino language) for "sound", that which is heard quite literally. In the university town that I work in, it is the name of La Salle University campus paper, if which I am now the adviser. The first issue just came out, new format, new look, all of which I cracked the whip on the staff in the span of one month to have out in time for the opening of the new school year. It's not perfect but I'm quite happy for the way it came out, despite the short period of time we had to work on it but I hope the next issues will have increasingly higher standards as we go along. +3Collapse )
Thursday, June 7th, 2007
8:37 pm
My new place.

This is me touching the ceiling of my apartment.

And for the reason why I left the dorm: [CLICK HERE BUT I'M SERIOUS. IT'S NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.]

It's small, CLEAN and mine all mine. I'm quite happy with it. Happy with the privacy, the price and the convenience of me being right across from the school. pictures of my new place.Collapse )


Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
8:30 pm
May 30 outing - beach resort
On May 30, 2007, we had kind of a faculty company picnic. There was lots of eating and lots of games and talking and then bumming around. There was also..........KARAOKE. I was still a little sick that day from the travel and the jetlag and the cold I caught on the boat, so I wasn't able to go swimming but I did take a nice nap with the sea air!

me of course. my shirt says "bow to your sensei"...but no one gets that joke but me!

pictures under the cut.Collapse )


Current Mood: amused
7:51 pm
After Italy, flying out to Cebu and then boat to Ozamis.

Sian in Cebu.

We flew back from Roma on the 26, got back on the 27th and then I flew out again to Cebu the next day. It was really tiring. I saw Sian for a little while and I had a lot of stuff to carry back, plus it rained so by the time I got to the boat, I caught a cold and then a slight fever.

more pictures of my journey back to Ozamiz.Collapse )


Current Mood: awake
5:15 am
Roman Holiday!
My trip to Rome!

I'll try and be as concise as possible, since I'm hoping my pictures speak a little louder. Unfortunately, my camera had a tendency to die in the middle of the afternoon and I had to share my little bro's camera just to get the rest of the shots, however, I wasn't able to get my pictures from him yet. Still, I've got a lot of good ones: close to a 1000!!! Sorry you'll have to wade through the gallery, as I don't want to post it all on here. Also, I'll spare you the ones that are all scenery (hahah!) and post the ones of my face!! XD


There are two other galleries: one of my pretend "lomography" and the other of my current obsession, the "only my head plus sort of a background" gallery. L-R: main gallery, lomo gal, headshot gallery.

Arriving in Roma - Day 1, Friday, May 19.Collapse )

Roma city tour - Day 2, Saturday, May 20.Collapse )

On the way to Siena - Day 3, Sunday, May 21.Collapse )

Leaving Siena for Florence - Day 4, Monday, May 22.Collapse )

--- To be continued because I'm swamped with work and the first week of school! Also, I've been trying to post this stuff for a while but LJ is being a bitch and won't let me update often.

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
8:31 pm
tales of the city
Now, not much happens in Ozamis, even though I was really surprised to find some form of nightlife. An American DJ is passing through here May 18 to bring down the house...somewhere. I won't be in town though, as I'll be returning to Manila for a while to vote and then to get ready for Italy!!! Yes, more travel! When I return, this boring, picture-less blog will be given new life.

But for today, you won't need pictures to imagine what I've been doing. Last Sunday, I moved into the ladies' dorm, my (temporary, I hope) accommodations, at least for the first 2 months of working here. The first night I accidentally knocked my bar of soap into the toilet and then had to fish it out because there are rules against clogging the toilet.

Our dorm pet, Dorm Cat (because a dorm full of girls can be so uncreative) is completely spoiled and scared to go down the stairs and visit any other part of the building. So she is always on the dorm floor, literally, a cat who has never touched the ground.

The bathrooms, after they have been brutalized by 50-odd girls who live on one floor, are so gross and wet and steamy (it's very humid here). Especially after 50-odd loads of laundry are left to hang so the place is always steaming and dripping.

I want to move to a place on my own because that's the point of coming out here to work right?

After work today, I went to grab dinner somewhere else to get some air and while I was waiting for my food, a little boy in the next table puked his body weight in...well, puke. I was helpful , offering them a bag, tissues and hand sanitizer but all the while, I wondered where my appetite was. Thankfully, my own food stayed down.

Stomach of Steel, thank you verily!

ALSO: Nothing says entertainment like cartoons dubbed in Filipino.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I found the cinemas and they were quite nice! The movies are a little late but they are affordable, unlike the prices in Manila and they have popcorn and all that. I watched Spiderman 3 alone and liked it alright.
Thursday, May 3rd, 2007
8:36 pm
the quest for diet coke
I thought this was funny enough to write here. When the Brothers (Raffy, Jun, Bong) invited me over for dinner, I noticed they didn't have their usual gallons of coke light in the house. Which was a bummer as I love the stuff. So when I brought it up, Bro. Bong told me that they had to stock up on the 1.5 liter bottles all the way in Cagayan de Oro! That's quite a ways away. He also told me, they always bought five or so cases.

I knew there were some cans in the city (coke light or diet coke, for you purists), not counting what comes from a dispenser at a fast food and so after some scouring I bought the last four cans at the drug store. After no Coke Light all week, it was a REAL treat. Along with the Greenwich pizza I scarfed down for dinner.

It's funny what you take for granted.
11:26 am
day 2 of in-service training
Today I sift through piles of data for PAASCU accreditation, I'm confronted by the state of the school here, particularly the library. While LSU-IS (La Salle University-Integrated School) where I'm now employed is better equipped than most schools (internet capable, AV-equipped), the book collection is sorely lacking. Most of it is donated, which doesn't say much for the quality of the books themselves and while the encyclopedia and periodicals are current and new (thank goodness), the reference is outdated, falling apart and there is not much to begin with. The fiction section is awesome though-- I even found a Dinotopia softback! Yes!!!

I wonder how much drama I'll have to wade in if I get my old school organization (DLSU-LitCircle) to raise some money for laptops and portable LCD projectors and more donated books? This school could really use LCD projectors as there is only one. In the WHOLE SCHOOL.

If ever, you fandom-related people may want to consider donating or commissioning me again so that I can put some money towards cargo (the ship kind), if ever I can get more books from Manila. :D

In other work related news, I had to take the mandatory employee psych and personality test. I was falling asleep through the former, which was like any other psych test. The personality one was more intriguing. If, by assessing the question, I were to view myself negatively, I would be an outgoing introvert who is good with people and upright citizens but basically a loner with a tendency towards misanthropy. If I were to see this positively, I'm a fun and amiable and approachable daydreamer who is a little messy but gets the job done. If I were being fair, I'd say the test was a little too black and white while other questions where choices between gray, gray and grayer.

I cannot wait for the interview that comes after than though.

Oh and if the dorm doesn't work out, I'm to ask about living alone in an apartelle. The thought of dragging a refrigerator and a bed up the stairs doesn't appeal to me at all, however. The rent is very doable though.
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
11:18 am
I'm in town!

Well, everybody, I've arrived in the lovely town of Ozamis City, located in Misamis. After a weekend in Cebu that involved pretty much eating and talking with Meghan, meeting her family and even meeting more people who knew my dad, solidifying my theory that the Six Degrees of Mike Luz does exist.

Anyway! Yesterday, I was dropped off by Meg's family at the pier where I had to take an overnight boat to Ozamis. It was surprisingly comfortable! I wish I had a camera so people could see. I paid for a ticket in Tourist class which is basically like the 2nd level of the boat, with a lot of bunk beds. I had a bottom bunk, along with about a hundred other people but it wasn't the stifling Titanic experience I expected. I also met some nice people who helped me with luggage and stuff but for the most part it was solitary.

just to reiterate my location.Collapse )

The float was from 8pm to about 9 am the next morning, though I was on board around 6 pm already. I just listened to my ipod, wrote in my journal-- there was a guy who was trying to nonchalantly hide his hentai-watching on his laptop but I knew from the look on his face and the cover of his DVD what it was, ahahahaha. I decided to sleep early *shock*-- because there wasn't anything else to do! I could only "8 Mile" it for so long.

It was a pleasant sleep, if very light. I did get up a bunch of times but I emerged well-rested if smelly, sweaty and wanting a shower. At the pier, Bro. Raffy was there to meet me and take me to the dorm.

But as luck would have it, there was a contingent of visiting students from a university across the street from mine (DLSU-College of St. Benilde) who have invaded the dorms and left me homeless. So they're putting me up at their makeshift hotel on the university campus, walking distance from, well, everything. I've showered, did some laundry-- oh and in relation to that, while I was in the bathroom, a frog hopped out of nowhere! Normally I wouldn't freak out over something like that but it decided to welcome me by jumping onto my foot. I shooed it away, now it's cowering under my bed.

After some discussion with Cher cherprudence online, we've decided it should be named and henceforth will be known as Esteban.

Tomorrow is my first day with the faculty meetings, orientation and such. The principal's suggested I might help handle the school paper. I'm so excited.

Current Mood: hungry
Monday, April 30th, 2007
1:32 pm
En route to Ozamis City via Cebu, thinking back on Bacolod

I've started my year and a half (and hopefully more and longer) of travelling, working, learning. The summer of 2007 has been great so far and I've been lucky enough to see some things with a new perspective. I refuse to be resigned to the loserdom of post-graduation as often befits the fate of the liberal arts student (just kidding!).

Anyway, today is my last day in Cebu, where I'm lucky enough to be accomodated by Meghan aurora_coppelia and her family and being Filipino, god knows I've met most of them already, in a day alone. Cebu is awesome, though I feel bad that I don't have a camera for this leg of my trip. I'll be heading to Ozamis for two weeks of teacher orientation. Heading there by overnight boat! I love boats, it's thrilling in a steerage sort of way as my budget is tight.

Before that though, I've spent time in Bacolod City with my mother's side of the family. I'm the oldest grandchild there which makes me head honcho (durr hurr). I love my family to bits and they have always been there for me. Last weekend, we spent some time at a mountain onsen. Bear in mind that the Filipino hot spring is drastically different from the slightly more uptight and traditional Japanese kind. Ours consists of running around in all directions, grilling huge slabs of meat and boating, jumping over rocks and then napping on benches.

the best fun is doing all that with your sibs and cousins.Collapse )

And I dyed my hair back to black in anticipation of teaching high school.
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