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day 2 of in-service training

Today I sift through piles of data for PAASCU accreditation, I'm confronted by the state of the school here, particularly the library. While LSU-IS (La Salle University-Integrated School) where I'm now employed is better equipped than most schools (internet capable, AV-equipped), the book collection is sorely lacking. Most of it is donated, which doesn't say much for the quality of the books themselves and while the encyclopedia and periodicals are current and new (thank goodness), the reference is outdated, falling apart and there is not much to begin with. The fiction section is awesome though-- I even found a Dinotopia softback! Yes!!!

I wonder how much drama I'll have to wade in if I get my old school organization (DLSU-LitCircle) to raise some money for laptops and portable LCD projectors and more donated books? This school could really use LCD projectors as there is only one. In the WHOLE SCHOOL.

If ever, you fandom-related people may want to consider donating or commissioning me again so that I can put some money towards cargo (the ship kind), if ever I can get more books from Manila. :D

In other work related news, I had to take the mandatory employee psych and personality test. I was falling asleep through the former, which was like any other psych test. The personality one was more intriguing. If, by assessing the question, I were to view myself negatively, I would be an outgoing introvert who is good with people and upright citizens but basically a loner with a tendency towards misanthropy. If I were to see this positively, I'm a fun and amiable and approachable daydreamer who is a little messy but gets the job done. If I were being fair, I'd say the test was a little too black and white while other questions where choices between gray, gray and grayer.

I cannot wait for the interview that comes after than though.

Oh and if the dorm doesn't work out, I'm to ask about living alone in an apartelle. The thought of dragging a refrigerator and a bed up the stairs doesn't appeal to me at all, however. The rent is very doable though.
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