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the quest for diet coke

I thought this was funny enough to write here. When the Brothers (Raffy, Jun, Bong) invited me over for dinner, I noticed they didn't have their usual gallons of coke light in the house. Which was a bummer as I love the stuff. So when I brought it up, Bro. Bong told me that they had to stock up on the 1.5 liter bottles all the way in Cagayan de Oro! That's quite a ways away. He also told me, they always bought five or so cases.

I knew there were some cans in the city (coke light or diet coke, for you purists), not counting what comes from a dispenser at a fast food and so after some scouring I bought the last four cans at the drug store. After no Coke Light all week, it was a REAL treat. Along with the Greenwich pizza I scarfed down for dinner.

It's funny what you take for granted.
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