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tales of the city

Now, not much happens in Ozamis, even though I was really surprised to find some form of nightlife. An American DJ is passing through here May 18 to bring down the house...somewhere. I won't be in town though, as I'll be returning to Manila for a while to vote and then to get ready for Italy!!! Yes, more travel! When I return, this boring, picture-less blog will be given new life.

But for today, you won't need pictures to imagine what I've been doing. Last Sunday, I moved into the ladies' dorm, my (temporary, I hope) accommodations, at least for the first 2 months of working here. The first night I accidentally knocked my bar of soap into the toilet and then had to fish it out because there are rules against clogging the toilet.

Our dorm pet, Dorm Cat (because a dorm full of girls can be so uncreative) is completely spoiled and scared to go down the stairs and visit any other part of the building. So she is always on the dorm floor, literally, a cat who has never touched the ground.

The bathrooms, after they have been brutalized by 50-odd girls who live on one floor, are so gross and wet and steamy (it's very humid here). Especially after 50-odd loads of laundry are left to hang so the place is always steaming and dripping.

I want to move to a place on my own because that's the point of coming out here to work right?

After work today, I went to grab dinner somewhere else to get some air and while I was waiting for my food, a little boy in the next table puked his body weight in...well, puke. I was helpful , offering them a bag, tissues and hand sanitizer but all the while, I wondered where my appetite was. Thankfully, my own food stayed down.

Stomach of Steel, thank you verily!

ALSO: Nothing says entertainment like cartoons dubbed in Filipino.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I found the cinemas and they were quite nice! The movies are a little late but they are affordable, unlike the prices in Manila and they have popcorn and all that. I watched Spiderman 3 alone and liked it alright.
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