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BUNNY [Spocktimus Prime]

En route to Ozamis City via Cebu, thinking back on Bacolod

I've started my year and a half (and hopefully more and longer) of travelling, working, learning. The summer of 2007 has been great so far and I've been lucky enough to see some things with a new perspective. I refuse to be resigned to the loserdom of post-graduation as often befits the fate of the liberal arts student (just kidding!).

Anyway, today is my last day in Cebu, where I'm lucky enough to be accomodated by Meghan aurora_coppelia and her family and being Filipino, god knows I've met most of them already, in a day alone. Cebu is awesome, though I feel bad that I don't have a camera for this leg of my trip. I'll be heading to Ozamis for two weeks of teacher orientation. Heading there by overnight boat! I love boats, it's thrilling in a steerage sort of way as my budget is tight.

Before that though, I've spent time in Bacolod City with my mother's side of the family. I'm the oldest grandchild there which makes me head honcho (durr hurr). I love my family to bits and they have always been there for me. Last weekend, we spent some time at a mountain onsen. Bear in mind that the Filipino hot spring is drastically different from the slightly more uptight and traditional Japanese kind. Ours consists of running around in all directions, grilling huge slabs of meat and boating, jumping over rocks and then napping on benches.

Last picture with red hair!

My sister, Abbi

And I dyed my hair back to black in anticipation of teaching high school.
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OH MY DEAREST!!! Im glad you had a good time so farrr!!!! I wanted to write to you to say HELLO for after you got off the plane but I was away all day T__T I MISS YOU even though for me you have not really changed locations. I FEEL IT THOUGH.

ahdlash your sister looks so much like youu >3! I love seeing pictures of youuu ♥3♥
Having no camera is driving me a little nuts because I've seen quite a bit already en route and yet couldn't record it for posterity!? I have to make up for it when I repeat the journey all over again in a couple of weeks XD
Long time no see, Bun!!! How's Megs??? How's Sian?
I miss you na, Hope! Meg's great, lots of kwento. I learned a lot about her and her family was very hospitable, otherwise. Sian, unfortunately, was out of town so I missed her but she did ring me up on the boat. I'll see her when I pass through Cebu again May 11-12 on the way back to Manila for the last 2 weeks of May (I hope I see you then?) I'll have lots of my own kwento for you then. :D
Will do my best to see you as the last two weeks of May will be the first few days of school :D:D
If it's your first 2 days of school then I'll see you on Taft :D :D Dude, I had "original" Bo's in Cebu. But the pancakes taste the same with some homey Cebu magic in them. XD